Connection Cards

The Connection Card box contains 120 cards, each with one quality and a picture.
The pictures have been carefully selected to help us experience the qualities, and to
discover what they make possible in us and in our surroundings, that may not have
been possible before. Think, as an example, what true listening – when we really
listen, also to ourselves – does.

Use the cards for yourself; select one or more qualities you need or draw one
intuitively and let it speak to you. Or use the cards with others; find the 5 qualities that
the circumstance you are in needs. Tell another, through a card, what you feel, see
or value in them.

The future is coming and we are livingin the Interim, a time of transition between the past and the future.
Qualities add to our inner stability in times of turbulence and uncertainty and hold the power to enhance our possibility.

Qualities such as hope, belief,
persistence, courage, humility and curiosity give meaning and value to our interactions and are a mark of our humanity. They are like a universal language which transcends local languages.

The 120 Connection Cards are packed in an attractive box which also contains a brochure with ideas for usage.

Size card: 5,5 cm x 8,0 cm
Language: English or German

Our Story

A shared care for the future of all life was the propulsion for the Connection Cards to come into being. Through dialogue, it gradually dawned on us that qualities – such as hope, forgiveness, wisdom, resilience – if deeper rooted, could create a space and allow a different closeness, in and between people.

Our vision was to create a tool through which qualities could be experienced in a playful way; something that could be taken and used anywhere.

A creative process ignited, where friends from different parts of the world offered to capture qualities through photographic moments. And so the Connection Cards came to be. Since their release, the cards have been used by people young and old and from all walks of life promoting reflection and inspiration – in work life, schools, workshops and storytelling.